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Previous book reviews

  • This month both groups read and discussed No Picnic on Mount Kenya by Felice Benuzzi, a real life account of a prison break out by three Italian internees in Kenya in WW2. From inside the wire at his camp, Benuzzi occassionally glimpsed the summit Mt Kenya through the clouds and, as an alpinist, he made a plan to break out of camp with two colleagues, climb the mountain, return and break back in. This climbing classic has been reissued and judging by the reaction of most of the group will be a great success. It was enjoyed for the style of writing, wry, laid back, affectionate, and for the lunacy of the adventure. An adventure entirely for its own sake as they were intending to return and said as much in a note to the camp Commander. Benuzzi and two companions, already undernourished and equipped only with homemade ice aces and improvised climbing shoes, had to hack their way through dense vegetation, avoid the interest of big cats, rhino and elephants, endure heat and freezing cold and blizzards, all in pursuit of a dream. The two groups, with one exception in each, really enjoyed it, one reader even rated it one of the two best books she's read this year.

Book Groups

This month we are looking at:

Happiness by Jack Underwood

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey




There are two book groups that meet in the shop on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. Both groups are run by a benign dictator who chooses the books which are usually those that have recently been published in paperback. Roughly two thirds are fiction and the rest are non fiction of different kinds. If you would like more information please get in touch. We are always very happy to help out with suggestions for your own book groups and you can keep up to date with what we are reading by visiting this site.